Many scholars have noted that the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) over the years have remained a male dominated field with low participation among women.

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Many scholars have noted that the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) over the years have remained a male dominated field with low participation among women. Cognitively, most girls have come to believe that they are not good with STEM. But inspite of this societal and cultural construction of social reality, Abigail has challenged the status quo.


Abigail Annkah is an Artificial Intelligence researcher at Google Ghana currently enrolled in the residency program.

Abigail’s Junior high school days were one every young girl would wish for. A lot of girls just like myself disliked the classroom because of maths and science lessons. But fortunately for her, she had a good maths and science teacher and that was the genesis of her mathematical journey.

Mr. Bukari and Mr. George Asafo have contributed massively to the great applied mathematician we see today.

The STEM field never intimidated Abigail. To her, it was a time of exploration. At Holy Child School in Cape Coast where she had her Senior high education, she majored in science and later had her bachelor’s degree in statistics and mathematics combined. At the University, although her department was dominated by men, she shortlisted herself as part of the fewer who had the opportunity to explore the field. That motivated her to do her best and be the best among her peers.

Deciding what to do after undergraduate studies left her in a great dilemma but with support from colleagues, family and lecturers, she was able to figure it out.
In her quest to choose the path in applied mathematics, Abigail had her master’s degree in Machine intelligence and now works in the fields of Artificial intelligence and machine learning mostly in the domain of images.

“Not to say it has been a smooth ride but anytime I hit rock bottom, help found its way of getting me back on track and thus i made it to where I am now” she said.

The new trend of “gender equality” pushed her throughout her mathematics experiences in the University and even during her masters degree program. She was always consistent to be the best. “I enjoyed every bit of my schooling experiences, the good and the bad and learned the value of knowledge: even more when we begun applying things from the university I would have never imagined”. She retorts.

Abigail and other other women like Doreen has broken the barrier. STEM is for everyone. Set your mind to it, be dedicated and inspired to achieve greatness.

Happy National Mathematics Day

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  1. I myself have met a couple of genius females who where extremely ruthless in my time at the Shs level……… It is really amazing how the academic tides have reigned against the success of women is in this country. it is not impossible but the mental vile that hang upon their minds make the to almost see the steps to academic excellence quite a Herculean task

  2. I have personally being in the same class with Abigail a couple of times at the mathematics department and I must admit, her ingen
    Ingenuity is on a whole new level. It is a source of encouragement for some of us when ladies break societal status quo. Being in a class with someone like her is just a rare opportunity. She continues to make women proud. It’s about time society starts appreciating these sort of women. To all the ladies out there pursuing STEM courses, it is a journey worth exploring. You’ll always become invaluable in those areas when you give it your all

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