Mcjude Empire and Move Multimedia have embarked on a restoration and preservation of African Culture, History and Heritage among children and young adults through a show known as THE TEEN SHOW. The show will be aired on television in a form of series .

The companies’ main objective is to make History and the learning of our culture and values fun for the youth.

Speaking to Mcjude the C.E.O of Mcjude empire he said,

“As Africans, we are identified by our culture, land and History, they are our heritage. We have values that bind us, such values are oral storytelling, (by the fireside), proverbs, songs, music, dance and arts. The project is not aimed to make the audience go back to the old ways of doing things but rather to make them understand their ancestral way of living, learn from it, evaluate the system and modernize it to rebrand Africa positively”.

It is said that a leader who knows nothing about himself, his people, his history and culture can never lead effectively. If our History, Culture, and Heritage are destroyed, then there is no value for Africa’s culture . Its it therefore our responsibility to teach the younger generation to know their route and themselves.

History is the compass that people use to identify themselves on the map of geography. The role of History is to tell people who they are, what they were made of, where they are from, how things are done, where they should go and how they will move, if the understanding of these fails, then together we have failed as a people.

Today, Africa is facing leadership crises as result of not learning from our past. We need the past(history) as a foundation in the present time to plan the future.

The Teen Show series are family oriented and educative, It will delve deep into our histories, cultures, heritage, and create awareness of our true African identities, highlighting the visions and missions of our past leaders, to be able to equip the present generation to plan a successful future Leadership.

The Teen Show has started showing its materials in Motion pictures in Cinemas across Africa starting from Ghana.

The cast are teenagers from schools all over Ghana, whom have displayed their acting talents in amazing ways. The stories are based on true life.

The Teen Show Movies are NOT centered on young generation only, parents and teachers, can equally enjoy and relate to the power of the stories depicted and the talents displayed by these younger generation in telling their ancestral stories.

Let’s join hands together to blend African culture, heritage, tradition in this 21st century.

Lets put Africa over everything, lets decide to make Africa better, lets have an African Dream now!

On 7th march 2020, African families in Ghana and the diaspora, are gathering at West Hills Mall, Silver Bird Cinema and Global Cinema for an amazing Historical Movie Premiere and Culture Restoration.

There will be other cultural activities Such activities include Agbadza, Adowa, Kpanlogo, Borborbor, poetry and singing after the premiere to make learning of African culture and history Fun for the younger generation.

Families are to dress in African wears.

Come let’s brand Africa, The African way with positive mindset.

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