The former president of Musicians Union of Ghana, Bice Obour Osei Kuffour aka “Obour” has lost his father to the new pandemic “covid-19”.

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The former president of Musicians Union of Ghana, Bice Obour Osei Kuffour aka “Obour” has lost his father to the new pandemic “covid-19”.

Nana Osei Boansi Kuffour the deceased, lost his life in the early hours of today, 27th March, 2020 at the Ridge Hospital in Accra after he returned from UK.

The deceased is said to have come in contact with health workers who were not aware of his condition.

The 15 health workers who were said to be on duty at the time are to be taken through self -isolation while contact tracing begins.

Below is the statement of Obour

With sadness and a heavy heart I announce the death of Nana Osei Boansi Kuffour my biological father.

Nana returned from UK on 19th March after his yearly visit to the family. Upon his return he was fine but began coughing on Sunday 22nd.

We arranged for his blood sample to be tested and he tested positive for malaria.
We began treatment for malaria but his condition got worse. We arranged to bring him to Accra to be tested for Covid 19 at Ridge Hospital on Wednesday. They informed us that his report will be ready on Friday but we should keep him in quarantine which we did.

On thursday night he had extreme difficulty with breathing so we called the Ambulance service and informed them of his condition. We told them the patient has tested for COVID 19 and awaiting his results so they should come along with appropriate apparel.

The ambulance team took him to Ridge Hospital around 11pm on thursday March 26. We informed the health team at Ridge of his condition and also informed them he had earlier taken a test for Covid and awaiting results.

Late this afternoon , the Drs informed us that he is likely to be a confirmed Covid case and as such we should take steps to do a contact trace and quarantine ourselves. Sadly he passed on this evening.

Under the circumstances I understand nobody can come over to pay their respects and commiserate with our family as we are all on a 14 Day quarantine though I and my assistant who had close contact with him have both tested negative for COVID 19 as at today 27th March.

These are the true facts about my fathers demise.

Bice Obour Osei Kuffour

Covid-19 update

Ghana has recorded 137 covid-19 cases with 4 deaths and 2 recoveries.

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