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There is meanness,negativity ,social battles and hatred among the same women singing the praises of girl power and feminism.

We cannot attain the equity and equality we are fighting for if we backlash one another.#endhatredamongwomennow

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I’m sitting here at the roof top of this tall building thinking about why women remain their greatest enemies.

Well, some have argued that a woman is another woman’s enemy because of material possessions and modernity and the attainment of bossy titles.

Some women get into this petty competition and jealousy. These Competitions have become the order of the day. Who wears the expensive cloths and shoes! Who uses the latest phone! Who has the richest boyfriend! Who uses the nicest car! Who lives in the nicest house! And the list goes on.

Once Akua upgrades to what’s trending, Ama must equally find ways and means to equally upgrade.

When it’s about work, positions and politics it’s disdain for the new intern/new worker or the optimistic woman climbing the ladder of politics and higher position. Why will you defend that another woman’s educational attainment is through bribery or sex.

You will smile infront of your sister and backbite her at the back.

Instead of holding hands, directing and supporting you are scared they will take your shine or there won’t be enough shine for you.

The hard truth is anyone who is scared of another person’s success and feels threatened and insecured is yet to find out her identity, passion and purpose.

A person rooted and diluted in purpose and passion is not afraid of another person’s success.

You feel you are superior so everything should come to you automatically.

Eii sister!!


“I think some women see their fellow women as competitors or threat to their success. Again, some people come from societies where they have been rarely exposed to women doing great things and being goal getters. So they are not cool when they encounter women like that especially those who are so different from them”.

Another said,

“The fact that she finds her Friend in some position makes her feel like , she’s the one who’s suppose to be there not her” and every time you listen to her talk, it’s filled with bitterness and always feeling she’s better than the other.

Others feel that “I’m of the same age with her so why is she doing the most while I’m doing nothing or no one is hearing of me so i would either not support her or bad mouth her ”


Why do you betray by gossip? Don’t you know gossip tears friends apart?

Friends have become enemies and the best thing they do is to break the bond of sisterhood by letting out their secrets to destroy one another. It’s the biggest evil today.

You will look at another woman and mess her home with gladness.

Why are you quick to cause great pains and frustrations in another woman’s life?

Why do you make friendship between women more difficult to navigate than the ones with men?


Women all over the world are geared towards gender equality and equity. Today, women are gradually being integrated in major decision making body in government, public and private sectors. But how many women are uplifting and supporting one another to get to the top?

We cannot overlook the fact there are exceptional women who are in the habit of supporting others to become better but how many of such women can you count even in your circles.

There is meanness, negativity , social battles and hatred among the same women singing the praises of girl power and feminism.

We cannot attain the equity and equality we are fighting for if we backlash one another.

It demands consistent support and unity and the absence of internal sexism and hatred.

We must support, believe and embrace one another. It’s time we get rid of this hatred and bitterness destroying the bond of sisterhood.

When we unite great things happen.

We must honour ourselves and our relationship.

Men are dominating and ruling the world because they believe and support one another.

When one has an idea, he talks to the one with capital and they come together on agreed terms. They are buildings all the empires.

Support a sister today.

It’s time we end the hate.

Take this opportunity and say hi to that friend you betrayed or that friend who betrayed you.

You dont know where you might meet someone tomorrow.

Remember everyone needs somebody.

We need one another to survive.


So will this enemity end if we go back to our root where there was nothing like fashion and modernity?

Just thinking out loud!!



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  1. Women were made like that and it’s happening everywhere. It’s all about the mind. If a woman gets the thoughts of a man and a woman supports she would be fine doing exploits…

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