­Have you ever experienced work rejection or failure?

Life will always present what you don’t want but that’s okay. Because the brain is often processed to receive good news, bad news is often a big deal. People are mostly affected emotionally and psychologically when the unexpected happens. 

Dealing with Work Rejection and failure is very painful but it’s okay when it happens. I know work rejection and failure is something anyone doesn’t want to see and hear but it seems no matter what, failure will always stick around. So how do you handle failure and work rejection?

It’s okay when you fail and it’s fine to be rejected or turned down for the promotion you’ve always wanted. I know you may feel you are not good enough if it should happen, but you must see it as a great time for personal analysis and find out where the fault is coming from, learn from it and move on.

Do not attach your emotions to it because that will make you feel worst but if you should see it as a great opportunity to learn, you will feel good.

If you can get the opportunity to email the company or give them a call  for feedback on why you were rejected it will help.

Sometimes it may not be your fault- other times the candidate may be qualified more than you, be objective and know this it is fair-it will help you in your learning curve. However, you can show your application to people who are higher than you for feedback- And Learn to take the response in good faith.

Be courageous and know that you are amazing because Failure and rejection will make you stronger.


Jack Ma applied for Jobs for 30times, he applied for Harvard for 10times. He was the only one to be rejected out of 24 applications by Kfc when they came to China. He failed his primary amd middle school test-He failed 3 times at the university but today he is an entrepreneur giant. He never gave up but he took advantage of his failure and rejection.

I failed a number of times and I was rejected on several occasion but I refused to give up. Failure will not stop me from achieving greatness..

Go for Gold!!

In this episode I share my rejection story and how I dealt with it. If you leaving with Work Rejection and failure, this podcast is for you.

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