In some cultures women are prohibited from cooking or sleeping on the same bed with their husbands because they are seen as unclean.Menstrual hygiene must be practice to curb the misconceptions related to period. It’s our pride.

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The issue of menstruation is often not talked about in our part of the world. Society frowns at it, women treat it in secrecy while men shy away from it. When its talked about, its associated with negativity and bad omen. The culture of silence has led to negative repercussions. In Nepal woman and girls are made to live in chepadi shed when in their period, some even die in the shed due to the weather conditions they are subjected to. In some cultures women are prohibited from cooking or sleeping on the same bed with their husbands because they are seen as unclean. When they touch a tree the tree will not grow,when they touch an animal the animal will not produce.Such cruelty!

We can relate women not cooking when in their period to the lack of menstrual hygiene. Some women and girls do not have access to clean sanitary towels, clean portable water and they lack information on Menstrual hygiene for a better hygiene management.


*Women need access to clean sanitary materials or sanitary pad for menstrual hygiene.

*Women need supportive infrastructure in town to clean and change their menstrual materials.

*Women must have everything they need to manage their period from sanitaries to information.

*Women need pain relief to reduce period pain and must have access to medical care to take care of diseases associated with menstruation such as dysmenorrhea,endometriosis etc.

*Women need access to safe private disposal option for menstrual hygiene.

*Women need effective policies to improve access to menstrual health.

There are several women and girls suffering from vaginal infections or thrush and we can partly relate to the lack of proper menstrual hygiene and their inability to take care of themselves during menstruation such as; wearing one pad for the whole day, bathing once a day, using vaginal wash to clean the vagina after menstruation.


Avoid using vaginal wash and dettol as it increases the chance of vaginal infection,just Use enough clean water and you are good to go.

Avoid inserting your finger into your vagina when cleaning . There is nothing to bring out, you are rather transporting foreign materials; your finger might be unclean.The micro organisms there does all the necessary cleaning.

Bath atleast twice a day and change your sanitary pad at least thrice a day.

Your period should not prevent you from participating in your daily activities.

No period pain is normal, No period pain will subside after child birth or breaking your virginity as some doctors claim.

Avoid drinking chilled water when menstruating, it clots your blood.

Use warm water to massage your abdomen, and practice yoga often to reduce period pain. Understand your body and the changes that occur during your period.

Menstrual Hygiene Management is a must.

Happy Menstrual Hygiene Day

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10 thoughts on “HAPPY MH DAY -I PRIDE IN IT๐Ÿ’ƒ

  1. Wow I didnโ€™t know drinking chilled water during this period affects me. Let me close my fridge then ๐Ÿ˜€Thanks Nanayaa

  2. I think i our current society simple personal hygiene and good grooming has become a problem among the youth since everyone’s mind has been geared towards making money …mothers do not have the time to properly check cleanliness of their female wards and also single father will have a bit of a hard time addressing such situations….this is a good initiative ….more grease AFRAKUMA……..WELL DONE..

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