Less than 30% of women are in the tech industry worldwide.Despite all the challenges,Vanessa has risen against all odds to venture into Technology.Read the interesting thing Vanessa is doing online.

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When we mention technology, the first relatable things that comes to almost everyone’s mind are men and boys. So growing up, computer toys were bought for boys because it was believed to be their world. From the onset women have been discriminated against when it comes to technology.

Companies foster a culture that does not encourage women to pursue career in Technology . To be accepted and respected women and girls are made to feel they have to loose their ferminism and join the territory of super beings (men) in order to fit in. You have to put away the heels and do kicks, avoid wearing your flashy coloured clothes, put away your makeup and your sweet smelling perfume. To be taken seriously means becoming one of the boys.

Women in Tech constitites averagely less than 20% in Africa and averagely 30% in the world. The tech industry is made to be believed and seen as a male dorminated industry.

Lack of female mentors, gender bias, less payment, fewer growth opportunities are some of the challengers that deter young girls from venturing into the Tech Industry.

But amidst all these challenges, Vanessa Otchere, a final year student at the Ghana Institute of Journalism has taken a bold step to become a master of Technology.

Vanessa is the brain behind TicketEx.

Buying tickets in Ghana is quite tiring and exhausting- in aid of this, Vanessa wants to make the purchace of your movie, bus, and events tickets more convenient and flexible . You dont need to go to Baatsona Filling station, the Mall and other ticket outlet before you can get access to your ticket. Buying ticket can be at your convenience- just an internet away.


TicketEx is an app that can be downloaded on play store or app store. To book a ticket you will enter your destination and time of departure then make payment via mobile money. You will receive an email containing your ticket with a QR code. So once you get to the bus terminal, the cinema or the event, all you have to do is to show your tickets to the QR code reader it will scan your ticket then you are good to go.

Vanessa sees the challenges of combining school with work, Funding and getting a dedicated team as part of the entrepreneurial journey.

Currently, Vanessa and her team are still working on the business model and looking forward for funding and getting all the stakeholders involve. She is hopeful that by the end of the year she can launch TicketEx.

Her interest for Technology began when she applied for GirlCode an initiative by MTN and Women in Tech Africa to train girls in programming. And she said it has been an awesome journey.

Vanessa’s five years plan

” I want to see my company grow , own branches across the continent and with my pictures on the cover of forbes magazine. I will be an established female entrepreneur”.

These were Vanessa’s final words to her fellow women

“I want to encourage ladies out there to pursue all their dreams. Because it’s possible. And know that failure is part of the journey”.

You can support Vanessa to make the difference.

Remember you can be whoever you want to be.

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