Looking for the words to give to mama on mother’s day?Celebrate mama in a grand style,she is special.

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Mother’s are the most special people on earth.A mother could go hungry,tattered,humilated and abandoned for the sake of her children.Mother’s are supposed to be celebrated everyday and at every moment.

Take this opportunity and give mama these eight words.

Tell Mama she is your incubator. From the day you became a clot of blood in her womb she shielded you,she protected and fed you.Mama’s arms are your shadow and shield.Mama is always there to protect you.

You remember the day daddy wanted to cain you and mama was there to save you.

Tell Mama she is your pillar. Let your mama know she is the pillar in your life. She has contribited greatly to the new you.She deserves a standing ovation.Mama is the greatest corner stone.

Tell Mama she is your prayer warrior.The greatest gift a mother will give to her children to is pray for them.Anytime mama goes on her knees she prays for you.You are always her prayer topic. When you are busily sleeping mama got your back.

Tell Mama she is your advisor.The best advice is the one mama gives.Sometimes we feel she is talking too much but it’s a mother’s greatest love to her children.

Tell Mama she is your hero.Mama never aborted you.She was supposed to had stayed out of the marriage because she was unhappy but she sacrificed her happiness to make you who you are today. Mama is definetely a hero,your hero.

Tell Mama “I’m sorry”. Mother’s day is an opportunity to tell Mama you are sorry for being rude,disobedient and troblesome.If Mama has ever shed tears because of something you said to her say sorry with a flower. Put a smile on Mama’s face.

Tell Mama she is beautiful. Tell Mama she is the most beautiful creature on earth.Tell her that from the shores of portugal to the outermost city of Accra she is irreplacable.Her beauty cannot be compared to all the women you’ve seen in the world.

Tell Mama you “love her”.Let mama know you love her with your all. It’s simple but affectionate,she probably doesn’t hear it often.Tell her.

Happy Mother’s day to all mothers,wives and sisters.They are our greatest backbone.

And to my pride,you are the best gift God gave me.

Imagine the world without women!


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